María Piquer Rodríguez

María Piquer Rodríguez

Geo.X Postdoctoral Researcher

Freie University Berlin


I am interested in understanding the forces of land-use change in agricultural frontiers (especially in the South American Gran Chaco) and how economic, conservation, or zoning policies can influence them now or in the future.

I also study the territorial divergences of transboundary eco-regions in South America and the socio-economic factors that may explain differences in their human-natural systems.


  • Land-Use Change
  • Landscape Ecology
  • Agricultural Frontiers
  • Territorial Divergences


  • PhD in Natural Sciences, 2017

    Humboldt-University of Berlin (HUB) · Department of Geography · Germany

  • Msc in Geo-Information and Remote Sensing, 2006

    Wageningen University & Research · Netherlands

  • BSc in Environmental Sciences, 2003

    University of Almería · Spain

Recent Publications

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Post-doctoral researcher

Latinamerika-Institut (LAI) - Freie University Berlin & Earth Observation Lab. Geography Department, Humboldt University Berlin

Dec 2019 – Nov 2021 Germany

Post-doctoral researcher

Institute of Regional Ecology (IER), National University Tucuman

Nov 2017 – Oct 2019 Argentina

Post-doctoral researcher

Geography Department, Humboldt-University of Berlin

May 2017 – Aug 2018 Germany

Research assistant

Geography Department, Humboldt-University of Berlin

Nov 2010 – Apr 2017 Germany

Spatial and GIS analyst

Urban Research Center, University of Western Sydney

Jan 2008 – May 2010 Australia

GIS and Remote Sensing Teaching Contractor

School of Environment and Life Sciences, University of Newcastle

Oct 2007 – Oct 2009 Australia

GIS Researcher

Alterra Research Center, Wageningen

Nov 2006 – Dec 2006 The Netherlands


Department of Biotope and landscape protection. German Federal Agency for Nature conservation, Bonn

Mar 2006 – Jul 2006 Germany

Non-doctor Researcher

Department of Plant Biology and Ecology, University of Almeria

Jan 2002 – Jan 2004 Spain

Student Collaborator

Department of Applied Biology, University of Almeria

Jan 1999 – Jan 2001 Spain

Grants and scholarships

DAAD- research stay UC-Berkeley and Stanford University

Elsa-Newman Berlin. Doctoral studies

Research-Department Plant Biology and Ecology. University Almeria, Spain

Erasmus - University of Glasgow, Scotland


  • +49 30 838 68501
  • Boltzmannstr. 1, Berlin, B 14195
  • ZI Lateinamerika-Institut der Freien Universität Berlin